Deep Insight into Industry Trends in The Financial Market

Ticker Win provides easy and quick solutions that allows customers to capture, monitor, and audit market data from a holistic view down to an individual task on market research and industry trend insights.

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Task Monitoring

Better meet your requirements with Smarter analysising tool that is enabled with AI. Generate a digital schedule for your project's tasks that can be easily assigned to analysists and allows you to track the task's status in real-time on an immutable ledger. Each task is tracked against its budget for better budget insights.

Audit Chain

Streamline your Quality Assurance program through our Approval Chain. Our Approval Chain uses the power of Blockchain Technology to provide reporting, tracking, and analysis of completed work.



Data Transparency

Real-time visibility, transparency, and traceable through the tracking of the project's database throughout the complete lifecycle of a researching project all on an immutable ledger with continuous insights.

Services of Ticker Win


Reduced Financial Risk

Track a project's trend in real-time along with the task's status, market changes, and competitors status for quality assurance


Fluid Communication

Updates and automatic notifications with our internal messaging system that allows for increased visibility into a project with direct communication.



Track a project's status in real-time for improved project management processes, such as market changes review, data analysis and project delivery.


Cost Reduction

Provides capabilities for ongoing, immutable project information capture leading to a reduction in costs associated with efficient AI analysis tools.

Ticker Win project


To offer valuable insights by providing customers with smart, trusted and transparent solutions.


To be the industry standard solution that defines the researching industry processes and practices. Yielding customers with more consistent, precise, and secure data on any development project.

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